Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ET(aatb) 17: Virgin 90229 "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"

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"There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"
Virgin (France) 90229
Produced by Morrissey and Marr, engineered by Stephen Street
* Produced by John Porter
January 1987


1 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
2 London (Peel Session, recorded 2 December 1986, BBC Maida Vale 4) *
3 Half A Person
(Peel Session, recorded 2 December 1986, BBC Maida Vale 4) *


1 from The Queen Is Dead (ROUGHCD96, August 1986)
2-3 from some forgotten lossless bootleg (ha!)


Gentle EQ as needed, a smidgen of tasteful noise reduction if required, and very cautious, gentle peak limiting.

Artwork for this, and every other release we'll be featuring, was sourced from the amazing Vulgar Picture treasure trove of sleeve artwork scans (with permission).


OK, so this wasn't really a Rough Trade release. However, its sleeve is truly one of the iconic ones in the catalog, and shamefully wasn't used much beyond promo material in the homelands. So, it's really here just to feature the sleeve.

The French chose to issue a 7" of "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" in place of "Shoplifters", and backed it with the common "Half A Person" as released on "Shoplifters".

I have nothing to say about "There Is A Light" - if you don't know this song, you're reading the wrong blog. A giant among giants.

To avoid excessive reduplication, I decided to back this with the best versions I could find of two of the (few) unreleased and truly unique tracks in the catalog, the December '86 Peel takes on "London" and "Half A Person". "London" absolutely crushes the Street studio version; Marr's guitars are, simply, awesome. "Half A Person" doesn't differ nearly as much as the Street studio version, but it's still a nice piece of music that deserves release.

Our "London" is easily the best version I've ever heard of this track, on the various bootlegs that feature it. As featured here, it's near impossible to tell it's not from official BBC-released sources. The same can't be said for "Half A Person" though I did yeoman's work in tarting it up for this project; while I have heard "better" captures of it, they're all lossy BBC digital streaming versions and aren't up to lossless sourcing muster. The giveaway too on the digital stream captures is the swirlyness/smearing of the highs, especially cymbals. The source here was an actual off-air recording, tape hiss and all. It goes without saying that anybody who can help with pre-broadcast, or high-quality analog recording of the BBC broadcasts (without Peel's speaking over intros/outtros, or any other broadcaster for that matter), please do so.

- Analog Loyalist


  1. Excellent! And in such short order!

  2. A wholly unexpected treat. I think I wore out my C90 with this session on it a long time ago. Thanks again.

  3. Awesome. I have a tape recording off the radio from "the Smiths at the beeb", when it was originally broadcast. It will still have the talking on however.

  4. Excellent. Great to hear London in such quality. This really has been and continues to be a great project. Thank you again.

  5. London is simply fucking stunning. I really can't thank you enough.

  6. Will the links be put back up at some point?