Thursday, September 29, 2011

ET(aatb) 10: RTT181 "Shakespeare's Sister"

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"Shakespeare's Sister"
Rough Trade RTT181
Produced by The Smiths
March 1985


1 Shakespeare's Sister
2 What She Said
3 Stretch Out And Wait ("UK version")


1, 3 from The World Won't Listen (ROUGHCD101, February 1987)
2 from Meat Is Murder (ROUGHCD81, April 1985)


Gentle EQ as needed, a smidgen of tasteful noise reduction if required, and very cautious, gentle peak limiting.

Artwork for this, and every other release we'll be featuring, was sourced from the amazingVulgar Picture treasure trove of sleeve artwork scans (with permission).


Interestingly enough, rather than pull a track from the then-new LP, the band chose a new track instead as the single release.

"Shakespeare's Sister" I've written about previously. My thoughts remain - in my opinion the weakest track in an otherwise stellar singles discography, and the relatively poor chart performance reflected the common opinion being of a similar note.

"What She Said" - pulled from the then-current LP Meat Is Murder - is a strong, powerful, near-metallic Marr tour de force. Always a live favorite, one can make the argument that this track itself would have made a better single than the actual single track itself, with "Shakespeare's Sister" being the B-side.

"Stretch Out And Wait" - appended with the "UK version" suffix here to differentiate it from the alternate version first released on Louder than Bombs and subsequently the RTT171 CD single of "Barbarism Begins At Home" - is the original version of this track. A classic track that, again, shows the band's penchant for burying their very best tracks on the back side of the 12", where your average punter may fear to tread. Maybe this was intentional? A form of secret Smiths society whereby only the initiated know the pure depth and quality of their deep catalog? Only the band knows.