Monday, April 25, 2011

we interrupt this blog to present...

Have no fear, the next installment is imminent.

That said, intrepid followers will note that a recent upgrade of sorts - to put it lightly - of the legendary Troy Tate 1st LP sessions has emerged via, courtesy Soundsville Paul (one of a few hardcore followers/tapers of the band in the UK during their heyday), who presumably obtained a copy close to the master from one of those legendary "friends of the band".

Most of the tracks have been available (in lesser fidelity) over at smithstorrents, but a key unreleased take of Accept Yourself was part of this latest batch.

I wanted to highlight it here, because it's entirely fitting with the spirit of the program, and in retrospect would have been a nice "extra track" to one of the previously-addressed singles.

So without further ado, here is the Analog Loyalist April 2011 mastering of the unreleased (err, unleaked until this past weekend) second take of "Accept Yourself", only previously known via Simon Goddard's mention of it in his book The Songs That Saved Your Life:
"[two different attempts at 'Accept Yourself'], the second version being particularly impressive with its staccato rock 'n' roll piano punches during the pre-chorus breakdowns, Morrissey's doubled vocal and some enlivening falsetto shrieks."
The "falsetto shrieks" and doubled vocal (and piano) simply have to be heard to believe, while the piano sorta fits, the vocal additions are laughable!

[Link removed 20 November 2012]
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